Caya Talent

ChejereChéjere (woodpecker bird) is a band that has made of music a celebration of joy, a renew testimony of mexican tradition and a way of living. Chéjere is interested in the spreading and renovation of Mexican popular music. It offers the combination of different expressions of Mexican son with rhythms and world music influence. Chéjere develops arrangements of traditional musical pieces or also creates its own compositions to tell through them, the memories of those who are near and far at the same time. Chéjere music is precisely the sum of individual stories that bring together Veracruz and México City. Moreover it mixes important musical trajectories in the jazz, African music, afrocaribbean and afroperuvian music or flamenco. With all this in mind, the project represents an approach to Mexico's music and that of the world, with the conviction of finding diverse musical languages, fresh genuine sounds that express in several ways what we think and feel. Chéjere's music is an adventure that has to be lived; a trip through rhythms of the Mexico and around the world, in which the wonderful can happen and fantasy can be painted with truth. Because Chéjere is at the same time, a bit veracruzean, a bit Mexican, but also it is a bit of the world.



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